Welcome to Petticoat Lane

Petticoat Lane has vintage appeal with a contemporary execution - perfect for the modern day gypsy princess. Our belief is that excellent quality designer fashion should be accessible to every girl! Here at Petticoat Lane we specialise in selling and buying distinctive second-hand high-end designs, helping you find something extraordinary of excellent quality, without the high-end price tag.

Second-hand recycled fashion sounds daunting but people quite happily recycle cars and furniture, why shouldn’t designer clothing also be recycled? Women in the 21st century live in a society of disposable fashion; our boutique looks for ways in which this industry can be more economically accountable and environmentally sustainable. Petticoat Lane has a distinctive way of shopping. We deliver high-end recycled clothing, shoes, bags, hats, rare vintage pieces and current new vintage inspired designs, allowing ladies a unique way to indulge in the ultra luxurious things in life without breaking the bank!

Petticoat Lane is ‘Absolute Woman’, so evoke your inner goddess today.

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